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Our products can be provided with a variety of lighting options that all achieve an average of +60lux. The lighting systems can be controlled via:

  • Photocell
  • Time clock
  • PIR
  • Remote
  • Or any combination of the above
We can also manage the level of illumination from low level to high level on detection of a member of the public.
Macemain + Amstad can provide any preferred lighting source however our standard fittings are fluorescent or LED and both are fitted to achieve IP65.

The advantage of LEDs over traditional lighting systems is the reduced power consumption and significant longer lifespan.
  • LEDs run for 60,000 hours+ until the light starts to degrade (they can last 100,000 hours)
  • Triphosphate fluorescent tubes only last 20,000 hours and begin to degrade at 3000 hours
  • A standard 3 bay shelter with 2 strips of LED lighting per bay will utilise 58watts only

In general our lighting systems can be powered by either mains power or solar power.
  • Mains Power
    • Waiting shelter unit supplied with self contained internal wiring
    • Capability to support RCBO Isolation behind anti tamper compartment for ease of electrical maintenance
  • Solar Power Option
    • Solar panels mounted externally on shelter roof out of public view and reach
    • Linked to integrated battery pack mounted in roof compartment

University of Bath

University of Bath

Devizes Shelter

Project Scope:
To provide 3 Devizes bus shelters and a cycle enclosure within the Bath University campus.

project image

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