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Manufacturing & Finishing

All manufacturing and finishing is undertaken and controlled in house in accordance with our Quality Systems. Our quality system has been established in line with ISO9001 requirements.

Macemain + Amstad provide extremely low maintenance systems and longevity of product is assured. We have a team of experienced and skilled operatives many of whom have been with the Company for 20 years plus.

Our manufacturing capabilities are as follows:

  • We use precision manufacturing which safeguards high levels of quality and consistency.
  • Continuing investment in laser CNC machining technology including Punch Press Laser Combination Machine technology by Trumpf and Flat bed and rotary Impulse Laser technology by LVD
  • Our products are manufactured with the following core materials: mild steel, 316L stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Many of our products utilise aluminium extrusions which are unique to Macemain and streamline production techniques and maintenance requirements.
  • We work with glass, polycarbonate, GRP and other non metallic materials
  • Comprehensive options on lighting, glazing, construction, styling and installation are available.
  • The separate finishing plant incorporates:
  • An automated PPA thermal plastic coating line
  • A camel back oven and through oven for polyester powder coating
  • Anti graffiti coatings are available on metal and glass surfaces.

We manufacture to the highest standards possible, and are constantly seeking ways to exceed the highest manufacturing standards.

Designer and Manufacturers of Architectural Structures and Street Furniture

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