Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Macemain + Amstad seeks to continually improve its environmental performance by preventing pollution, minimising waste and increasing energy efficiency. We can seek to achieve this through the optimisation of our in house operating and production processes and also through the design and operation of our products and services.

The following sustainable design features are promoted and utilised wherever possible:

  • Use of 100% Recycled Materials
  • The ability to re-use and relocate Macemain + Amstad products
  • 25 Year Design Life
  • LED Lighting Systems
  • Solar and Wind Power
The core materials that we utilise: aluminium; mild steel, 316L stainless steel; toughened glass all contain a percentage of recycled material of between 5 and 10% and are all 100% recyclable.

The modular design and flexibility of our products are such that they can be easily reconfigured and relocated as required prolonging the product life for clients. A recent example of this is the relocation of 120 meters of stainless steel and safety glass bespoke design walkway at Reading Transport Interchange. The initial walkway was designed and installed in 2004 on the understanding that at a later date, due to the redevelopment of Reading Station, it would need to be reconfigured into smaller sections and relocated within the Borough.


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