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Macemain + Amstad can utilise solar power within any of its products.

The principals behind solar power are that photovoltaic cells are used to convert light from the sun directly into electricity. This electricity is used to illuminate light emitting diodes (LED) and to charge a battery system which provides power to the LED system in hours of darkness. LED’s are employed as they utilise 75% less power than conventional fluorescent lighting.

In general one cluster of LED lights is provided for each shelter bay. For an average two bay shelter solar power LED lighting would require four photovoltaic cell packs to be fixed to the external roof panels. A self re-charging battery pack is included within the light fitting and linked to photovoltaic cells.

The photovoltaic cells are coated with an elastic membrane and are impact resistant. The photovoltaic cells work independently within their individual pack which therefore allows for redundancy.

University of Bath

University of Bath

Devizes Shelter

Project Scope:
To provide 3 Devizes bus shelters and a cycle enclosure within the Bath University campus.

project image

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